Timeless Freeride Wide

 Safe At Any Speed

DESCRIPTION: The ultimate upgrade for those ready to ride at higher levels, the new Timeless redefines freestyle friendly. Featuring new FLF shape plus full woodcore, prepreg, cap-sidewall construction, the Timeless will stay stable at high speeds, float through powder, and land big jumps.

RIDER: Excellent maneuverability and can do anything at any speed, the new Timeless is the new benchmark for riders who know the basics and will perfect their skills on a board that will keep up with them.


+ Smart FLF Rocker Shape + NCF Prepreg + Full Sidewall Construction + Tip-to-Tail Beech/Poplar Woodcore + Stone Ground 7200 Graphite Base + Bamboo Veneer Topsheet
Board Size (cm)163W167W
Length (mm)16301670
Contact Length (mm)12101710
Tip Width (mm)313315
Waist Width (mm)268270
Tail Width (mm)313315
Sidecut (m)8.0 K8.8 K
Stance (mm)540560
Setback (mm)2020