All Mountain Precision

DESCRIPTION: Titanium-Powered and carbon-fiber energized accelerations in a forgiving and easy handling FLF shape will hold an edge on anything. The legendary Palmer woodcore with Nomex™ Honeycomb in tip and tail delivers the lowest swing weight with exceptional response. Power is delivered by four Titanium inlays and four Carbon fiber strips that work in combination like a bow – the more energy in, the more energy out.

RIDER: Incredibly fun for an experienced rider – very fast and powerful, yet smooth and easy-handling ride.


+ Smart FLF Rocker Shape + Nomex™ Honeycomb in Tip and Tail + 4 Tip-to-Tail Carbon Fiber Strips + Prepreg + Full Sidewall Construction + Poplar Woodcore + Stone Ground Inlaid 7200 Graphite Base
Board Size (cm)162
Length (mm)1620
Contact Length (mm)1210
Tip Width (mm)306
Waist Width (mm)262
Tail Width (mm)306
Sidecut (m)8.1 K
Stance (mm)572
Setback (mm)10