PLS Shock Black

PLS Flex

PLS Shock Silver


Energize your ride.

Simply put, the PLS is power steering for snowboards. The perfect upgrade for any board. The PLS is all about leverage. The PLS enables you to transfer more body power to your edges for better grip, improved control, and quicker board response.

The PLS makes heel-side turns feel like toe-side turns and toe-side turns feel better with less effort. Less effort means riders stay on the mountain longer. The PLS also eliminates the dead spot that a binding creates on the board, allowing the board to flex the way it should.

The PLS come in 3 models for different riding styles and is not gender specific:

PLS Shock

Our highest end plate, the PLS Shock is the mackdaddy of the plates. With 13mm of lift, this dual durometer plate has harder plastic on the outside pushing power to the edge and softer plastic on the inside that cushions the foot and dampens vibration. Available in Silver or Black.

PLS Flex

The PLS Flex is the best-selling plate in the line. With 10mm of lift, this softer freestyle model goes with any board in your stash.