FLF Rocker Shape Design makes riding easier to enjoy & more fun at any level!

Feels Like Flying

Riding Excellence.

FLF, which stands for “Feels Like Flying”, makes snowboarding and skiing easier than ever before by giving the rider effortless handling and improved control. The result is a safer, less tiring and a more fun experience. FLF gives you greater control when turning, accelerating and braking.

Feels Like Flying Shape Design.

Exclusive for Feels Like Flying is the optimized interaction between sidecut and nose and tail surfaces. FLF reduces nose and tail edge pressure after turn initiation, preventing the nose and tail from getting pushed into the snow. You can actually see and feel how it works.

Handling and Control.

This reduced snow resistance unloads nose and tail pressure allowing easier and more predictable handling for a more confident, in-control ride with reduced risk of catching an edge. It’s also less exhausting for your whole body!

FLF makes the board very precise, easy to direct and yet offers a fantastic edge grip at any speed. Never nervous, never insecure – just a quiet, confident, comfortable ride.  And it allows you to carve at lower speeds!

But if you wish to pull the trigger the FLF shape loves acceleration and speed and has no upper speed limit – it just stays quiet, super stable and precise. Slow or fast, Palmer inspires comfort, confidence and fun!

Fun and Body Friendly

FLF makes riding more body friendly with reduced pressure on your joints, especially your knees.

The energy-efficient design is less tiring for the whole body and makes riding safer, more comfortable and easier to control. You feel more relaxed and confident which allows you to enjoy riding for more hours.

Experience confident riding that Feels Like Flying!

Feels Like Flying (FLF) Shape Design puts you in control of a ride that never felt easier.